come over here off-roading in my Jeep, and I wanted to talk about ten tips that, I wish I would have known as a newbie, when going offroad

TOP 10 tips for Beginner off-roading

01# tip number one drive fire roads to help

you get familiar with your vehicle if, you of you see here see way in the ,¬† distance that road right there that’s a

that’s a fire access road and over here , are a ton of different offshoots you , know and I’ve gone all the way up this , mountain here on different trails it was, actually I think like a biking or a, hiking trail but I actually took my Jeep, up this trail and it was only because I

took that fire road and I mean you don’t, have to do crazy things like that but at, least it’ll give you a little bit more, familiar area familiarity with your, vehicle it’ll help you understand how it

handles in the dirt in the sand whatever,¬†road that you’re taking that way you can, get a little bit more comfortable with, getting it on slopes that are a little