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We can all agree that Jeeps are some of the coolest looking vehicles anywhere on Earth, and certainly some of the most fun. Jeep more or less invented the modern SUV in the early ’60s, but did you know that no one really knows where the term “jeep” comes from? Or that one time a squad of Jeeps went on a 21,000-mile road trip through some of the world’s harshest terrain? Those are just a few of the 16 things you didn’t know about Jeep.

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16. The original jeep was designed in just two days


With the United States’ involvement in WWII on the horizon, the government recognized a desperate need to replace its aging fleet of Model T’s, calling for a small, lightweight, three seat, four wheel drive vehicle. Karl Probst started work on his design for a barely-solvent truck company called Bantam on July 17, 1940, and finished two days later. By the 22nd, the entire proposal—including cost estimates—was handed in to Uncle Sam.