pieces of Frankensteiny Car Furniture

Since none of Team CT knows which way up to hold a hammer, we had to scour the depths of the webternet to find our Top 10 pieces of Frankensteiny Car Furniture

If you are addicted to TOP gear tv ,ligically you have seen Mr Clarkson showing the the wonder of V8s from the stance into the house with a wonderful creation and functional Corvette 6.2-litre V8 food blender and bone breaking rocking stand.. we hope to know the slogan . since none of the CT team discovered with method convence a hammer we need to scour the profundity of the webternet . to know what have people thaught about that .
Let’s deal with top 10. Frankensteiny creations…

10. Volvo 240 Sink

Volvo 240 Sink
Mybe Sinks are not intimate,also Volvo 240s are not amiable , And a dreary blue sink with a Volvo 240 laundry and ensign stuck , less cordial than SuBo